The story of the Chala Interregnum begins…

Hunting in the Jong Forest has many perils, the most fearsome of which are the zadraqs, the huge bulls who inhabit the deep mountain forests. When Tum-Os-Kel, Shan of the Chala Imperium, is killed during a hunt, the most successful empire the world has ever known is plunged into a power struggle that reverberates through the generations.

At the center of the turmoil are Bo-La-Shen, the greatest general the Imperium has seen in centuries, and the Princess Fi-Na-Kel, daughter of the Shan. He is a man caught between ambition and loyalty; she between tradition and certain knowledge change is late in coming to the ancient empire. However, which of their actions lead to chaos and which to stability is a much more difficult question to answer.

Hunt book cover